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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 26, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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forced to take on new work. and the city is in ruins. an american autopsy author joins us live. then most good things start off small. coming up this hour, ladies never again ruin your favorite pair of shoes in rough weather. >> plus, fellas, shave time and money with one start up that's trimming your need to buy expensive razors. don't think that's the right video. and the harlem globe trotters are letting you make the rules. some of the players are here to talk about this year's tour. meet mighty. the 10th female to join the team in 87 year history. >> let's get it started with tucker barnes. good morning. >> jam packed weather too.
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rain moving in potential ly a wintery mix here off to the north and west. going to be a soggy day. there's a live shot. no rain at this hour. area wide we're still dry. you may notice the breezes picking up out of the east. by the noon hour, the rain will be moving in. your afternoon commute will likely be a wet one. you can see the rain is off to our south and west pushing up into southwest virginia. the pink you see is indicating a likely mix. will be dealing with a potential for wintery mix west of the city as we get into the late morning and early afternoon. temperatures now have bumped bofsh freezing. that is very good news. 37 at reagan national. 36 at dulles. it will be a chilly rain around here this afternoon potentially moderate or heavy rain later today. we have a flood watch that's been issued for counties
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close to washington including both washington and baltimore. includes montgomery county, howard county, louden county as well. and the potential really what they are concerned about is potential for urban flooding. roadways may start ponding that kind of thing. definitely be on the look out for that. mid 40s. primarily rain here. martinsburg, winchester. could be wintery mix for you. and with afternoon highs only in the mid 30s, you will be subject to sleet and freezing rain out there. lots more on the weather, tony, i will have a look at the weekend forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, a second round of heavy snow has pounded the plains in the midwest hchlt even whiteout conditions in the pan handle. up to 17 inches fell in that city. not sure why we're staying on this street sign.
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but thousands of people are without power. there have been a slew of accidents and stranded drivers. the storm is being blamed for two deaths. one in kansas and the other in oklahoma. >> new this morning, from overseas now looking at egypt, a hot air balloon crashes killing 19 tourists. one of those injured just died at a local hospital. flying over the city of luxor when it caught fire and exploded. french, british, japanese and nine forrists from hong kong. new this morning, the vatican says pope benedict xvi will be known as emeritus pope and continue to wear a white robe. the pope will also keep
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the title of his holiness but his ring will be destroyed. tomorrow will be the pope's last public audience. we will have special live coverage beginning at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> we continue to follow a big story on capitol hill where the count down to the sequestration deadline continues. now just three days away. >> with no clear sign of negotiations, can a deal be made in time or will billions of dollars kick in come friday? melanie alnwick joins us live now. >> reporter: good morning, allison. it does feel like the focus has shifted from stopping the cuts to pinning the blame. 45% of americans surveyed would blame the gop. 32 would blame president obama if no deal is made. $85 billion in budget cuts just this fiscal year alone, it is less than 3% of the
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budget. but because entitlement budgets are protected, hitting almost everything else. warned of a slow down on global trade. trouble for air travellers. states are preparing for cuts to education, transportation, health services and environmental funds. there are no serious goeshgsz, local congressman say there are conversations happening. >> and their want is to get things done. find common ground and bring people together and get a solution on the table so we can set aside this sequester. >> later today i'm going to go to the house rules committee and for the fourth time ask for an opportunity to have a vote on a very specific proposal i've introduced that would replace the sequester with a mix of cuts as well as revenue from closing tax breaks.
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>> reporter: it's the revenue that is holding up the gop. and the democrats say they want to include that revenue. we'll see what happens. other than his request , don't know where that's going to go today. there are no plans in the house for them to get to work that would avoid the sequester. may try to flow proposals today. at this point there are no plans for a weekend session here. tony and allison. >> startling. all right. thank you. the senate is about to vote. chuck hagel is expected to get enough votes. two weeks ago, republicans put ahold on his nomination. but now they say they will not delay a vote. also today, president obama is meeting two key senate republicans not on the sequester but to talk about immigration. john mccain and south carolina senator lindsay graham will sit
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down with the president. both are members of a bipartisan group. >> here's a look at some of our top local stories this hour. take a moment to look at your screen. hope this video will lead police to the person responsible for a deadly hit and run. 20-year-old was hit around 10:30 p.m. on saturday. back in february february 16th hchlt if you have information about the vehicle, you are asked to call dc police. the man accused of killing a mother and daughter in prince georges county will be retried in october. a judge declared a mistrial on a technicality. the bodies were found in the trunk of a stolen burned out car in 2009. someone testified that scott was involved in multiple
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home invasions but previously ruled that only one home invasion was admissible in court. a maryland teenager has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for a school shooting in baltimore county last year. 15-year-old robert gladden fired a shotgun in the cafeteria on the first day of school. a student with down syndrome was hit in the back but survived. pleaded guilty to attempted first degree murder. a judge gave him a life sentence with all but 35 years suspended. >> the maryland senate is expected to take up a gun control law today. supporters say it will give maryland some of the strongest laws in the nation to prevent gun violence. violates second amendment rights. would require people to submit to fingerprints for hand gun licensing. also fan assault weapons. today marks one year since
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trayvon martin was shot and killed by neighborhood watch man george zimmermann. expected to stand trial for second-degree murder in june. he claims he shot the unarmed teen in shot defense. the case sparked national attention including outrage for many civil rights leaders who say race played a key role in zimmermann's. >> today the u.s. supreme court takes up the question of dna sampling to help solve crimes. the justices will hear arguments who want police to have the power of dna samples from people who have been arrested but not convicted. 28 states and the federal government already do this. it is unconstitutional. the justices will make a final decision in a case later this year achlt one of the nobel prize medals on aring the discovery of dna structure is up for sale.
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three men played crucial roles in 1963. the family of one of those men is auctioning the medal he received in 1962 as well as other items. a portion of the proceeds will go towards research institutions in the united states. he passed away in 2004. >> do you ever look at the clock and think it's okay i'll still get fire hours of sleep. -- five hours of sleep. find out how one or two hours less a night could be hurting you. >> stylish boots that protect your everyday shoes. and the trendy new way to make new friends and try new cuisine. laura evans shows us what could be the 9:10. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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start somewhere. >> fox 5 consumer reporter laura evans is looking for simple solutions to tiny inconveniences that could be the next great thing. >> almost every man does it almost everyday. now, a company that takes the sting out of shaving. >> hi, i'm mike. founder of dollar shave well, for $1 a month , we send high quality razors to your door. >> a two blade for a buck. the 4 x four blades shipping included and the executive. a 6 blade razor shipping included. dollar shave club told me the idea came to him when he was fed up with the hassle of buying razors. >> took my lifesavings and putting it into starting a business that would solve the problem. >> a serious business he is selling with humor.
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>> each razor has stain less steal blame and a pivot head. so gentle a toddler could use it. do you like spending $20 a month? >> the youtube ad has had more than 9.3 million hits. launched a year ago and taken off. their slogan, shave time, shave money. >> you can upgrade, down grade. >> we are dollar shave and the party is on. >> less hassle, save money and business models that entertain. we think dollar shave club could be the next great thing. every gal knows the dilemma. what shoes to wear on a rainy day especially when you need to dress nicely. >> some people are wearing cutesy or big bulky rain boots. >> the right bulb went on when
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she was sitting in her car one rainy day. thought about what her dad wore and went to work. she created picies. and don't want the hassle of lugging around rain shoots. >> this way you can take them off and put them in your carry bag the boots go right over the shoes you wearing. >> i like them a lot. >> i wore them over shoots and jeans. >> at $165 a pair, they are pricey but they are worth the splurge. allowing you more choices in bad weather. and a
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stylist solution to ever present problem. could be the next great thing. who doesn't love sharing a meal with friends? these people had never met. welcome. >> connecting cooks and eaters. >> business partner had his ah-ha moment in guatemala eating in a private home. >> it shouldn't be this hard to eat local, organic, authentic food. >> you go online. see what meals are available. on the site, you can learn about the meal and the chef and sign up for the dinner right there. all the chefs have been vetted by a panel. average cost for a meal? $38.50. >> a former diner is hosting her third meal. an indian menu that
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made her passionate about indian food. >> it brings people together for fabulous food. pays for itself. >> meals are being served in new york and dc. and soon in san francisco. the goal is to be everywhere. he calls it the original and optimal social network. >> through the dinner table you are able to meet people, connect with others and taste local food and learn about local traditions. >> creating community around food. a good meal at a reasonable price and networking in an i understand mate setting. could be the next great thing. >> i liked all of those. that was laura evans reporting. to find out more about the businesses we just showed you or to tell laura about a next great thing, go to allison. >> thanks, tony. now to a health alert on how bad sleep
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can dramatically affect your health or lack of sleep. a new study found out of the uk the activity of hundreds of genes were altered when sleep was cut to less than six hours a day a week. how the body responds to damage and stress were all affected. substandard sleep has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and poor brain function. what did i just read? we need more sleep. >> absolutely. >> well, if you hope your candid confession might keep your kids from making mistakes. it is more likely to backfire. >> and backlash that is over one decision to keep kids about birds and the bees. how young is too young? that's next. first, let's check in with holly. >> reporter: we are live this morning at stepping stones in rockville. this is a homeless shelter for families. they are sorting through donations as we speak. this is just one member
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in today's talkers, sex education in pre-school. some parents not happy after proposal to teach sex ed to five year olds. want kids in kindergarten to learn about their anatomy, all living things that reproduce and appropriate and inappropriate touching. after 5th grade, teachers will discuss human reproduction, contraception and abstinence. parents will be able to opt out. begins sex education at 4 years old. too young? five? >> pretty young. >> pretty young. yeah. see what happens. you can opt out,
9:24 am
i suppose. >> appears it doesn't pay to be honest with your children. >> at least when talking about the dangers of smoking, drinking and drugs. a new study found kids are more likely to have negative views of cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana if their parents don't reveal they used these substances. researchers did identify ways parents can discourage usage. talking about the harm caused by these substances. how to avoid them and stories about people who have gotten into trouble for using them. >> so if you did any of those things and you think hey i did it, don't you do it, didn't hear that as much. >> right. that's what this study says. >> interesting. a city in ruin ruins. the rise and fall of detroit. how did america's richest city become poorest? after the break, meet a journalist after the family fell to pieces and what are the culprits here to bring down american cities. a new look at
9:25 am
the book next. t. >> first, here's a live look outside. someone say it's a dreary tuesday morning. don't forget the umbrella. no rain right now. tucker has the forecast ahead. first, dave ross is learning a lesson or two. dave? >> the music says it all. the world's most famous basketball team ever the harlem globe trotters are coming to town this week scomplend getting loose. we're going to talk to her coming up later as fox 5 morning news continues. you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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9:29 am
time for the rain is prime time for our driving. the good news is it's going to be wet, not going to be icy. but it will likely be coming down. >> slow us down a bit. >> definitely going to slow us down. out to the west could also potentially be icy. well out to the west. there's our developing storm moving in from the south and west. rain showers across portions of southwest virginia. the pink you see along some of the ridge lines here, we're getting mixing taking place. and of course this won't be sleet. this will not be snow, excuse me. this will be sleet. crawl up the appalachians during the morning hours. next couple hours cloud cover. by noon, expect rain. if you are going to be out today, umbrella necessary. guaranteed we're going to get the rain around here. let's go on to our next map. i'll explain that later. 37 at reagan national.
9:30 am
36 in annapolis. funny how tony didn't want to come over and fix that. mid 30s off to the north and west. some of these valley communities temperatures will be marginal. temperatures around freezing. freezing rain and sleet. let's do the satellite radar. big storm system really cranking up. look at all the winter weather out to the west. all the way from kansas city to winter weather advisories. five to ten inches of snow there pushing up into northern missouri. very vigorous winter storm. mostly a rain event. we're going to do that again. this particular area of low pressure will bring us a better chancegood soaking rain. the potential is out there for one to two inches of rain. soaking rain this afternoon. let's do the advisories and the green i mentioned earlier, that's your flood watch. worried about
9:31 am
urban flooding around here. one to two inches of rain. that includes baltimore and washington. and as you get out to the west, winter weather advisory. and the pink, that's a winter storm warning is freezing rain and sleet but temperatures will remain below 32 for a longer period of time. could be in the way of icy conditions here as you get out into parts of west maryland and west virginia. future cast put it in motion for you, here come the rain showers and wouldn't you know by noon they'll move in. there we are at 2:00. indicating we're getting mixing off to the west. and then look what happens here by late this afternoon tonight. 8:00 tonight, yellow and orange pretty good rain rate. still a little bit of ice off to the west into the mountains and the whole thing through here late tonight and early tomorrow morning. tomorrow is not a great looking day but quieter. maybe a little afternoon
9:32 am
sunshine. tomorrow will be mild. better looking conditions into the middle of the week. plenty of rain this afternoon, make sure you are ready for a wet evening commute. might do a snow shower or rain shower thursday. and as we turn the calendar to march, our temperatures will be on the chilly side. 50 here and we'll be closer to 40 for the weekend. okay. that's a look at weather. thanks again, allison. back to you and tony. >> no problem at all, tucker. the city of detroit was the center of a thriving auto industry. when a home town guy went back to his old stomping grounds. decided to investigate what happened to throw the city into chaos and dysfunction. the result is this new book. it's called detroit and american autopsy. now reports for our sister station and he joins us live this morning. so excited to talk to you. good morning. >> good morning.
9:33 am
i wish i could call myself a journalist but i can't type without looking. so i'm a reporter. >> you are a reporter. i love it. >> let's talk about this book and why you decided to write this book. >> i decided to write it because i'm from here. it's about detroit and the economics and everything but it's about my family. i came back in 2008, the car companies collapse, wall street collapsed, our mayor under federal indictment. and the day before mother's day we were burying my niece who died of an overdose and buried my sister, her mother who my mom just had her in her closet, her remains, her ashes and filling in the grave by hand and i'm looking up and there's my brother, my brother, and my mom all unemployed. i said what in the world happened here?
9:34 am
this was the place of promise. and it just hurt so bad. >> this is where people went to realize the american dream. it's the stuff of story books we're talking about between the car industry and mowtown, detroit was the place to be back in the day. >> it created the american draechlt the cars made the middle class. everything spun out of that. homes, garages, the road, all of it. a coherent working class middle life. which we all agree is evaporating. the rich and the not rich and we're all really scared wondering where is our middle class? we're looking to washington saying please for god's sake, do something serious for our children. >> right. right. we want to talk about detroit, you say and warn don't think this can only happen in the d. could happen in our other big cities too;
9:35 am
right? >> yeah. and it is happening. dc's turned itself around . you have the help of the main industry which is government. we can talk cleveland. youngstown, el paso, phoenix, los angeles even. when we talk about spending, how are we going to pay this back if those nice good paying middle class manufacturing jobs aren't there? having a tanning salon isn't going to get us there. look at detroit as a sister. don't laugh at it. look at it. >> do you think detroit has been ignored? by the rest of us? >> well, we're great for jokes but for 30 years we've been saying hey you have to make things and you are the rednecks, the blue color, nobody was listening until boom leman brothers goes pop.
9:36 am
the real estate market goes pop. and all of a sudden everybody wants to come in here and take a look and wonder is that -- what's in store for us? in many ways, it's going to be not as spectacularly as we do it. you are going to have to start darning your socks. >> you talk about racial identity. you do self exploration. >> yeah. guess what? i am the pay less black man in michigan. we are not cajuns. krerp creole. decide s to pass. why would he decide to pass? the reason. until 1950 it was legal to bar blacks and jews from certain neighborhoods and certain mortgages. and the riots we were taught were just one day people went crazy and burned it down. no. this is a
9:37 am
southern town with southern routes that we never had to confront that because we were to the north. this is what you see today. >> in the time we have left and you know about dwindling time, what were the main culprits here and can this thing turn around? >> it can turn around. it is turning around. the auto companies are making money. the feds are in here taking on scum bag politicians. number two, what happened? race. we got lazy. foreign trade. they started making cars better, you name it, a lot of things. but we're not going away. everybody out there, don't worry. we're going to be here. >> all right. wish we had more time. i can't wait to read this book from cover to cover. it's called detroit, an american autopsy. pick it up. and good day to you . good to talk to you. >> thanks, lady. pleasure being here.
9:38 am
>> all right. we'll be right back. back. ♪
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cracking open the buzz bin with a congratulations for our girl singer janet jackson. she is once again a married lady. she tied the knot with her boyfriend last year. we're just finding out about it. gotten gauged early but kept wedding plans a secret. miss jackson says the pair wed in a private quiet ceremony. and their wedding gift were donations to children's charities. i think he is a billionaire somewhere. >> that's right. i did read that. she can keep a marriage quiet. >> and marry well. >> that's right. >> good luck. after the glits and glamour of oscars, two big actors made
9:42 am
changes. >> ben affleck shaved off his beard. the oscar winner did it in a hallway right outside of a bathroom. so you know it's a good job. and jennifer lawrence changed from blond to brunette just hours after the show. she's shooting scenes for up coming movie for the hunger games catching fire. >> big party is over. let's get back to work. a little bit can go a long way. this morning, holly is learning how donations can help homeless families move from crisis to a stable environment. find out how you can help too. >> you know that music. the harlem globe trotter s are taking fun to a new level. how fans can now write the rules which could impact the outcome of the games. oh, i don't think it
9:43 am
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the worm. former nba star dennis rodman and three harlem globe trotters are in north korea hoping to find common ground. >> the worm is unlikely ambassador. but turns out young leader kim ung was a fan when rodman was in his prime. their trip will air this april. >> at 8 decades strong, the harlem globe trotters are back with an amazing show. dave ross is hanging out with mighty
9:47 am
mitchell. dave. >> i need a nickname. you have flight time and mighties. little old me. but allison, when you are talking about the team and do trotters, a world it here in dc on saturday and sunday at george mason and the verizon time. let's start with you. this is your 14th year. what does that mean to you to represent this great organization? >> for myself, i'll tell anybody, i have the best job in the world. traveled to over 90 countries and haven't had to buy a ticket. get to hang out with little old you. it's all good. >> your first year with the team. how excited are you going over to europe? >> i'm truly honored. happy, excited at the same time. but to be part of a legendary team. it's truly an honor to be here. >> what types of the tricks are
9:48 am
you going to show? i know you have two games on saturday. tell me about the new rules that you guys have implemented this year. >> the first game is at verizon at 1:00. the second is at george mason. this year's motto is you write the rules. the fans can go online. you can go to twitter and retweet the vote you want. you have 6 on 5. penalty box. >> what's a penalty box? >> kind of like hockey. when you act up, go to timeout. >> that's what happens. >> literally. the four point shot. those are a few of the rules. in the 4th quarter, the fans get to vote live as to what they want to see. >> what do you specialize in? what's your talent you take? >> i'm known for a great shooter and dribbler. dribbling, sliding around. >> can you show me some of
9:49 am
those skills? >> it's a small area. i'm known for sliding as well. you have to come out to the show. >> oh, you'll see it at george mason. >> you dunked way back when you were a younger man. how young were you when you dunked? >> i was 15. i was like five foot nine. it was like a dream come true. >> you were my height when you dunked. >> i don't remember being your height. >> all right. let me ask you too, we're seeing some of the highlights. >> that's me getting down and dirty. >> when you see this, you see the impact it has on the people there, what do you get out of it? >> you get gratification. we can't around the court from 20 to 30 minutes. we sign autographs and take photos. you can't beat that. >> can you give us mini
9:50 am
display. no sliding area but what people can see? >> sure. >> they've got three games coming in town this weekend. two on saturday. night side at george mason and a full game on sunday. i better get out of the way before i get hurt. the harlem globe trotters. thank you for your time today. harlem globe trotters. get your tickets. they will be here all weekend long. >> they joined dave righteous ross. >> i'll take it. >> this morning united way plans to present a check to non-profit organizations. that's part of one of the 1.7 million united way give-a-ways to non-profits throughout the area each year. >> just how does that money and
9:51 am
your donation help? holly morris is live. >> reporter: good morning to you. it helps a lot. if you are saying i'm not -- i don't have a lot to give. i'm not sure $1 or $5 is going to make a difference. you are wrong. it is going to make a difference. if you are not sure where you want that money to go rgs the united way is the way to go. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you, holly. >> united way is a wonderful way for people to give to a community. when they want to give to a lot of things. >> that's right. stepping stones frame who you are going to talk to here. two non-profits doing different kinds of work but very important. the united way supports over 700 non-profits. hundreds of thousands of donors contribute in 800 campaigns. $35 million a year. it's a very significant impact. and sorely
9:52 am
needed. for all the bounty, we still have a lot of issues around homelessness, hunger, education issues. all something we all got to be working on. not something that will go away without our help. >> the thing about the united way is you know where the money needs. there's some in more dire. >> we work hard at eligibility and making sure the dollars donors are putting on the table end up in the most needed spots. places like here. >> tell me about the grants that are going out. >> over the last few weeks we've extended $1.6 million in grants to real high need non-profits that have defining work around education, around income, around health. it's part of what we do but for the real high needs. identified by volunteers not by united way. volunteers out in the community that have a feel for where the
9:53 am
most compelling needs are. and that's really sorely needed money for non-profits. >> tony lewis is here. come over here. she is the founder and executive director of fame. you are getting one of the grants today. >> yes. >> how exciting is it. >> it's going to make a big difference. we are excited about it. we wouldn't be able to carry out our program. >> i didn't say? >> music technology. one of our sponsors and partners. and doing that program, we provide comprehensive music technology. state-of-the-art technology. software, hardware. giving children an opportunity to be able to get a certificate at the end to either get a job, to work in the school ministries as well. so we are very excited about that. >> and not only giving them those wonderful skills and opportunities but giving them purpose. >> absolutely.
9:54 am
purpose in activities. lots of our children are without things to do. we wanted to keep them occupied and doing great things. >> a busy mind is a good mind. and you all are in prince georges county. wanted to make sure we notified that. not just talking about montgomery county. served by all of the united way. i want to check back in with the executive director and look at this, our volunteers are done sorting. we've put them to work this morning and they got a lot accomplished. i wanted people to know i have stuff in my house. i wanted to know nate. what do they need? >> pillows. cleaning supplies. paper towels, diapers. we provide support not just for the families that live in this shelter but 40 or 50 families that are still very much on the edge. anything you can do to help. help and hope go together. and that's really where we connect with our
9:55 am
friends at the united way as well as the community at large. everybody get involved. find something you care about. jump in, help out. so important for all of us. >> you will help someone and you will be a better person for it at the same time. i do want to make one note, the pillows need to be new. new pillows. go out as a family, shop together, buy new pillows and bring them here. every family that comes in gets a new pillow. that's one of the many ways you can help. is our web site. we have a link to stepping stones. we have a link to fame, a link to the united way. we have a link to anyway that you can help. more fox 5 morning news when we come back. stay with us. 
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i didn't know they made glasses for dogs. time to say hello to miles.
9:59 am
miles is our pet of the day. he loves people, running and playing with his squeaky toys. who does not enjoy that? >> look at that face. >> adorable. very cute. for your pet's chance to be pet of the day email picture or video to >> my dog was miles too. >> time for a new dog tuck. >> i adopted one. >> time for another one. >> maybe it is time. maybe i'll start collecting them. >> are you looking at me? >> what you got for us? >> i'll have more dogs than kids. we don't have clear skies. we have cloudy skies. rain moving in shortly . and it will be here by the noon hour. wintery mix out to the west. be ready for a period of heavy rain with the evening rush hour. there's your 7 day forecast.


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